Rebbitzen Chana Painting

When Miriam Shaw attended Machon Chana in 1986, she was asked if she would help decorate the dorm for their Purim party, and she chose to do a painting of the Rebbe shlita’s mother, Rebbitzen Chana.

machon chana sm

She had not painted during the previous 7 years after leaving college, and while doing the tempera painting on card, she decided she wanted to do a proper oil painting of the Rebbitzen and give it to the Rebbe shlita for his birthday. She had the merit of doing so, and that painting is currently in the Rebbe’s Library.

Miriam then did a second version, the one shown here, and this one currently hangs in the Machon Chana dorm on President Street (which is the building in the painting). Noteworthy is that several years ago there had been a fire in the dorm, but no harm came to the painting. B”H.



Girls Glow At Leadership Retreat


Throughout the Retreat, we had meaningful discussions and meditations to experience the beauty of the first night Menorah Lighting, prayers and the mitzvot for women. Nechama’s guided meditation prepared us to truly understand and feel the meaning of the song Hanerot Hallalu. Activities such as painting with artist Miriam Leah Shaw, a concert with singer, Chaviva, Talent Shows by our own campers and staff, glow in the dark dancing and even snow tubing and the bus ride there were infused with meaning and lessons to empower us to light up the world.