Pre-Pesach Sing Along

The first grade girls enjoyed a pre-Pesach sing-along with special guests Mrs. Batya Rosenblum and Mrs. Miriam Shaw as a fun way to prepare for yom tov.


The Art of Miriam Shaw

A few years ago, she created a “flash movie” out of one of Rebbe Nachman’s stories, “The Lost Princess,” based on an illustrated children’s version published by the Breslov Research Institute.
She also created a flash movie about the Baal Shem Tov for our Breslov Center.

Girls Glow At Leadership Retreat


Throughout the Retreat, we had meaningful discussions and meditations to experience the beauty of the first night Menorah Lighting, prayers and the mitzvot for women. Nechama’s guided meditation prepared us to truly understand and feel the meaning of the song Hanerot Hallalu. Activities such as painting with artist Miriam Leah Shaw, a concert with singer, Chaviva, Talent Shows by our own campers and staff, glow in the dark dancing and even snow tubing and the bus ride there were infused with meaning and lessons to empower us to light up the world.